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Storybrooke is mine now, and I... brought some friends.
~ Mr. Hyde upon arriving in Storybrooke

Mr. Edward Hyde, also known as "The Warden", is the main antagonist in the season 5 finale mini-arc (after the Hades arc) and the first four episodes of season 6 of the fairy tale TV series Once Upon a Time. Based on the character from Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 novel The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Mr. Hyde is the evil alter-ego of Dr. Jekyll.

He is portrayed by Sam Witwer, who voiced Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series and who played Davis Bloome in Smallville.

After Third Curse

In the Season 5 finale, he locked up Snow White, Prince Charming, Captain Hook and Zelena when they accidentally arrived in his world and let Henry Jekyll obtain the broken wand of Zelena's to fix.

He allowed Jekyll to finish the serum that would separate the two men from each other, and finished the process by injecting himself and releasing Jekyll, who he states to be "even weaker and more pathetic than he imagined".

He also succeeded in blackmailing Rumplestiltskin by conducting a spell with Zelena's repaired wand to steal Belle, who was inside Pandora's Box.

The heroes eventually succeeded in escaping with Jekyll in tow and attacked Hyde with his own electric weapon. As they escaped, a portal opened created by the wishes of the people in New York and the heroes dived for it, but it closed before Hyde could follow them. In a rage, he destroyed the lab but was confronted by Gold, who had arrived from New York to retrieve Belle. He choked Hyde at first until Hyde pointed out that he knew how to release Belle and wanted to make a deal in return—the deal being that he would be able to lead his people from the Land of Unfinished Stories into Storybrooke.

Hyde arrives in Storybrooke and informs Regina that Storybrooke belongs to him now and that, although she released and destroyed her Evil Queen persona, evil was not so easy to get rid of.


  • Hyde is currently in a Big Bad Duumvirate with the Evil Queen and Jafar.
  • While he seems to be immune to direct forms of magic such as a fireball, he can still be choked telekinetically.
  • He is able to use magic such as the Apprentice's wand.

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