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Mr. Hyde is the main antagonist of the BBC series, Jekyll - which was a British drama series designed to be a sequel of sorts to the famous novel (rather than a retelling).

Instead of being the alter-ego of the titular Jekyll in this version of the story Mr. Hyde (often refered to simply as Hyde) was the other half of Doctor Tom Jackman, a married father of two.

Hyde's personality in the show is that of rage, heightened senses, greatly superior strength and speed, and a more playful and flirtatious manner than Jackman - however he was also a dangerous sociopath who would kill without reason (just like his novel counterpart).

Hyde also had a number of other superhuman abilities which manifested throughout the series, such as the ability to take on a more monstrous appearance as well as limited control over electricity (only seen near the finale).

Hyde was limited by a rule that he could only kill when lights and cameras were off as Jackman made a pledge to turn himself into the police should Hyde become too uncontrollable (however, as expected, Hyde would become just that..)

Jekyll - Hyde Chases Katherine03:50

Jekyll - Hyde Chases Katherine

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