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~ Mr. Hugh
Now, I'll show you! ALL OF YOU!!!
~ Mr. Hugh's last words
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Mr. Arnold Hugh is the main villain in the Aardman animated short "Stage Fright". Mr. Hugh's goal is to be Daphne's boyfriend, and he also threatens Tiny.

Livid that Daphne broke her promise to not tell Tiny about his abuse on him, Mr. Hugh strangeles her. Mr. Hugh attempts to attack Tiny's dogs and Daphne with the key, but he was killed when the falling film screen knocks him on the head. Then a ghostly musician rises from the pit with Tiny, and beckons Mr. Hugh's body. Mr. Hugh's ghost rises from his corpse and walks over to the organ. The ghostly musician says, "Going down.", then he, Mr. Hugh’s ghost, and the organ desend into hell via the pit.