Now, you are all here, because I believe in discipline and punishment and I hate you all.
~ Mr. Howard to the students in detention

Mr. Howard is a mean teacher in the show iCarly, and one of the known villains on the series due to his abuse of his power over the students.

Much of his life outside of school is unknown, but when he’s around students, it clear of his bullying, especially towards the main characters. He mainly teaches Geometry, and watches the channel at the teacher’s lounge, according to Sam Puckett, a veteran troublemaker. He was first seen in “iGot Detention”, where he gave Carly detention for smashing a locker door, not knowing it was that she wanted to get detention to film what happens. There, while live on the air, Howard expresses his hatred on the students and Principal Franklin and also insults Principal Franklin by calling him "a weak and spineless fool". In return, the students and Principal Franklin hate him back.

In “iHave my Principals”, Principal Franklin was fired because of his appearance on the iCarly web show which was seen as unbecoming of a school principal. Mr. Howard and Francine Briggs were then given his job. When the protagonists (Carly, Sam and Freddie) learn of this, they go out of their way, even giving the rest of the students, to get them out of the position.

In “iTwins”, he tells one of the characters on no one would go in his side.


  • According to Sam, he is dating Francine Briggs, despite Mr. Howard being married. This may hint he is having an affair.
  • Mr. Howard is similar to Richard Vernon from The Breakfast Club as they are both disciplinarians who abuse their power, but unlike Vernon, Mr. Howard is more evil.