Mr Hicks Grange Hill

Mr. Hicks was a strict and bullying physical education teacher in the series Grange Hill, who appeared in the fourth series episode "Slip on the Wet Floor, Did You?".

He is played by Paul Jerricho.


Mr. Hicks appears as a strict and thuggish PE teacher at Grange Hill. After the kids in his class muck around in the swimming pool, Mr. Hicks begins questioning one of the boys Christopher Stewart in the changing rooms, but pushes him over causing him to hit his head. Mr. Hicks then claims that he slipped, and when his mother is informed he stands by his claims and the matter is ultimately dropped.

Mr. Hicks begins to bully Christopher in his class, making him do extra working out than the other students which causes him to grow tired and weak. He keeps both Christopher and his friend Duane Orpington to put away the equipment.

Another teacher Miss Lexington becomes concerned and goes to talk to other sports teacher Mr. Bullet Baxter about it, although he feels that Mr. Hicks is simply disciplining them and that it isn't as worse as Christopher is making out. But when Baxter looks in on one of Mr. Hicks' lessons, he catches him shouting at a student and throwing him to the floor. Baxter calls out Hicks, and punches and knocks him to the ground, then mockingly saying "slip on the Wet Floor, Did You?"

Hicks was later disciplined from the school and never seen again.

Episode appearances

Series 4

  • Episode 4: "Slip on the Wet Floor, Did You?"