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Being red with pointy ears doesn't make me a devil, being a bastard does!
~ Mr. Hell
Mr. Hell is the central character in the British animated comedy Arrgh! Its The Mr. Hell Show!

He was voiced by the late comedian Bob Monkhouse.


In keeping with his devilish appearance, Mr. Hell represents everything that can be considered evil in humanity. He is sadistic, cynical, sleazy and hedonistic. Every episode shows Mr. Hell seemingly befriending a somewhat sypathetic character, only to stab them in the back for his own entertainment.

Typical of most Villainous Jerks, Mr. Hell is astoundingly good at picking up women. One episode showed him moving in with a woman he met in a bar, only to mistreat her before they had even made it to her house (he made her carry him up the stairs for crying out loud!). He also freely admits to forgetting the names of women he recently had sex with.

Mr. Hell once had a drunken one-night stand with an angel called (predictably) Angela. Years later, Angela forced him to spend time with their son, Damien. Being raised by his angel mother, Damien was well-mannered and softly spoken. After a day with Mr. Hell, however, his sadistic side began to show in subtle ways.