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Mr. Hattrick is a teacher and one of the 5 secondary antagonists in the video game Bully. He a corrupt teacher that tries his hardest to get Mr. Galloway fired.

He is mean, arrogant, and rude. Like Mr. Crabblesnitch and Derby Harrington, he seems to believe that only people who act similar to them deserve to have any kind of respect whatsoever. He is incredibly rich and Old Money, He also believes that they should always have the advantage in everything.

Mr. Hattrick was introduced on the Bullworth Facebook as the teacher students "love to hate and hate to love", and is described as an old school authoritarian teacher. These characteristics remained true in the game unlike many other facebook descriptions. 

Hattrick is self-righteous and tyrannical, and he has a very low opinion of both the students and his fellow teachers. His general opinion on the students is that they should be punished more often and more harshly, and he even advocates for the legalization of capital punishment in schools. He is rude to the well behaved students; he calls Sheldon a "twerp".

He is as unpleasant to his fellow staff as he is to students. He harangues Mr. Galloway for drinking alcohol on school grounds; Galloway claims that Hattrick has been on his case for years, and his drinking is a result of the stress Hattrick causes him. He isn't seen to interact with any other teachers, but he seems to have a poor reputation around town, with Ms. Philips, Miss Danvers and Edna disliking him, and Miss Danvers speaks poorly about him to Dr. Crabblesnitch

Many fans consider him to be even worse than the Big Bad Gary Smith. He bullies students and faculty alike, desires capital punishment to be installed in schools, and it's even hinted that he was responsible for the friendly fire incident that killed The Hobo's platoon.