Mr. Hands

Mr. Hand

Mr. Hands is the antagonist of The Mr. Bill Show from Saturday Night Live. He is the human, appearing only as hands and a voice, who "hosts" and controls The Mr. Bill Show, which is meant to be a parody of a show for small children starring the friendly clay character Mr. Bill. In every episode, Mr. Hands deliberately and continually harms and torments Mr. Bill, his family, and his dog by manipulating him and his surroundings, under the pretense of helping Mr. Bill do whatever activity he is supposed to be doing, while Mr. Bill is powerless to do anything except complain and plead for him to stop, which Mr. Hands never does. By the end of the episode, Mr. Bill has usually been destroyed. Mr. Hands usually uses another, evil clay figure, Sluggo, to assist in hurting Mr. Bill.