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Mr. Grimm is a greedy man and the main antagonist of the movie, How the Toys Saved Christmas. He is voiced by the late legendary Tony Randall.


It is Christmas Eve and Santa's helper, Granny Rose, has fallen sick and put in the care of Mr. Grimm. Little does she know that Mr. Grimm had poison her so that she couldn't deliver presents this year. A little boy named Christopher Winter arrived at Granny Rose's toy store to see her, but he met Mr. Grimm instead. He showed him a letter from an orphanage, stating to deliver toys to them. Mr. Grimm laughed at it, saying that kids without money don't deserve to have presents. This made Christopher leave in frustration. After he left, Granny Rose called for Mr. Grimm and entrusted him to take her place by making him dress up as her.

After Mr. Grimm closed up for tonight, two men appeared and planned on robbing the toy store. As the store closed, the toys came to life, worried about Granny Rose not delivering to their owner's houses.

When Mr. Grimm was about to leave with the money, a mob of people came, figuring out his crimes. They start to chase him to get the money back. One of the kids manages to open the case, causing the money fly open. When Grimm turns around, he sees the money flying, much to his horror. Grimm tries to collect some of the money back, but a police officer arrives and arrests him for his crime, much to Grimm's dismay as he cries while watching all the people collect the money as he is taken to prison.


Mr. Grimm is a cruel and greedy man. He only believes that people with money could afford toys for Christmas. He poisoned Granny Rose as an villainous act to make more money by selling the toys to an auction. However, at the end, he was arrested for his evil deeds.

Physical Appearance

He wears a dark grey trench coat, a top hat, and circular glasses. He is a tall, old man with a white mustache.