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Mr. Gorf from the Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger play

Mr. Gorf is a minor antagonist in the book Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger.  He is Mrs. Gorf's son and has three nostrils, one of which can be used to steal other people's voices.

Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger

When Mrs. Jewls gets pregnant and takes time off from teaching, Mr. Gorf takes over as her substitute.  The kids are naturally scared due to his last name, but are relieved momentarily when they find out that he is not married. Soon, he begins stealing all the kids' voices and reveals that Mrs. Gorf was his mother (and that his own voice was actually stolen from a Scottish man). To pay the kids back for taking away his mom, Mr. Gorf calls all their parents impersonating the students and tells them that he hates them. Fortunately, Miss Mush, the school cook shoves pepper into Mr. Gorf's face, causing him to sneeze his nose off and all his stolen voices to return to their rightful owners.