Mr. Goat is the corrupt owner of the Guild of Noble Nannies in The Avengers TV show. He is first met when he is disguised as Nanny Roberts who was once the nanny of British officials. His first victim Dodson is fooled into giving Goat a gun while the agent is hallucinating thanks to a drugged baby bouncer ball and he guns him down. Goat then visits Lord William Beaumont and makes him give out his secrets. While extracting information from Viscount Sir Frederick Webster, Goat also kills his butler. At the GONN building, Goat allows John Steed to see the elderly Nanny Roberts. Fearing that Emma Peel and Steed will become a problem, he sends a suspicious jack-in-the-box to J.W. Martin's toy shop. After collecting the Baby Bouncer balls, Goat has Martin murdered.

Sometime later, Goat still in his nanny disguise tries to shoot down Steed who was coming out of the GONN building. Hoping to finish the job, Goat throws his baby bouncer to General Wilmot's home and mind controls the general and presumably Steed. There, Goat makes Wilmot point out his nuclear missile bases, then plans to have Steed and Wilmot kill each other. But suddenly, Steed was wearing gloves and he destroyed Goat's plans. Peel and her partner manage to best the corrupt GONN owner and his assistant Lister. Goat desperately holds the heroes at gunpoint and demands they pick up the pieces, but Wilmot, freed from the mind control, kills Goat in one shot.