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Good morning. And shut up.
~ Mr. Gilbert

Mr. Philip 'Phil' Gilbert is the major antagonist in Channel 4 comedy The Inbetweeners. He is the head of sixth-form at Rudge Park Comprehensive School, which is attended by the 4 main characters of the show. Mr. Gilbert is shown to be quite hurtful and manipulative towards the central characters.

He is portrayed by Greg Davies.


Mr. Gilbert is strongly unlikable to the four central characters in the show (Will, Jay, Simon and Neil), especially Will. As well as disliking the lads, he is sardonic, as shown in one episode where Will has been tied to a chair in the middle of the common room, with a waste paper basket on his head. When he asks Will what happened, he manages to get Will to say that he tripped, and then follows it with "tut tut, clumsy".

Mr. Gilbert is also completely undemonstrative and merciless, as he punishes any who step out of line - especially Will, Jay, Simon and Neil. He also doesn't possess any of the 'normal' qualities required for a teacher; he is very cynical, dry-witted, vituperative, deadpan, and appears to be uninterested in his line of work. His dislike/hatred of the central characters is such that in season 2 episode 2 "Work Experience", when Will's mum and Neil's dad inform Mr. Gilbert about Will being thrown into the local pond, he immediately bursts into hysterical laughter (in front of Mrs. McKenzie's face) and has to leave his office to continue this.

Mr. Gilbert detests anybody making references to his personal life, as demonstrated in season 3 episode 3 "Will's Dilemma", where he gives Jay and Neil a month's detention, for mentioning Waterside (a shopping center where they found Gilbert buying soft toys from).

Of all of the lads, Will is the one Mr. Gilbert really hates, as demonstrated in season 3 episode 5 "Home Alone", where he threatens to ruin Will's UCAS application if he doesn't find out who trashed a local roundabout's flower arrangement, and he generally thinks Will ends up sticking his "beaky nose" into everybody's business. His threat to Will is that the University of Lincoln will be the only university he'll be able to get into.

Attraction to Will's mum

Like other characters in the show (including Jay, Neil and Mark Donovan), Mr. Gilbert is shown to be attracted to Will's mother, so far as saying that Will may end up calling him 'daddy'. He also describes Mrs. McKenzie as being "very much his type".

Movie involvement

Mr. Gilbert doesn't appear all that much in The Inbetweeners Movie. He does appear near the start, at the leaving assembly. He says he doesn't want to hear anything from the Year 13s, and emphasizes that the lads are people who he "actively hates" (Will especially). He also says he looks forward to when he no longer has to take responsibility for them, as he can be "one truly, nasty fucker".

Not very much of Mr. Gilbert is seen in the rest of the film, although he does reappear at the end (sometime during the end credits, after the main cast has been credited); this scene reveals he's gone on holiday to the same Greek down-at-heel resort as the lads (in Malia), and is shown in his underpants and his tie around his forehead, obviously very drunk, riding a quad-bike similarly to the lads earlier in the film.

Deleted scenes (movie)

In one of the deleted scenes of The Inbetweeners Movie, Will and Simon are shown walking into a club-looking place, where they see Mr. Gilbert (obviously drunk) drinking alcohol from two yardies. Will tries to say hello to him, but Mr. Gilbert sees him, and draws his hand across his neck, resulting in Will and Simon leaving.


In The Inbetweeners 2, Mr. Gilbert doesn't really appear all that much; however, he does reappear quite near the end, where it shows him finally making out with Will's mum. It's also revealed that despite Will's mum and dad appearing to get back together in the first film, Mrs. McKenzie and Mr. Gilbert are due to be married, much to Will's terror.


  • Greg Davies, Mr. Gilbert's actor, has played the titular role of Dan in another Channel 4 comedy, Man Down. Dan is also a teacher who dislikes his job.
  • In the not-very-good American remake of The Inbetweeners, called The Inbetweeners USA, which aired on MTV, Mr. Gilbert is portrayed by Brett Gelman. YouTube patrons and Inbetweeners fans have criticized Gelman for "not being as intimidating as British Gilbert" [sic].