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Mr. Gałganek is the psychopath alter ego of Marian Paździoch showed in 335 episode. It's a long, white cotton sock with buttons as eyes.


It isn't know when exactly Mr Gałganek was created. However, his first crime was kidnapping the passenger plane and demanding ransom - $1 million, which was later buried somewhere in forest.

Return and death

When Mr. Gałganek "returned", Paździoch started to be even more perverted than usual. He had even offered a marriage with teen daughter of Ferdynand Kiepski, Mariolka. Then it failed, he was going to sell entire tenement house to some Germans (without permission of residents, of course) for 1 million € (4 million zł). After transaction he kidnapped Mariolka and, painted as Joker, tried to kill her. However, he was caught and Mr. Gałganek "died" in flames of lighter.
Joker Paździoch

Paździoch with Joker mask, while trying to kill Mariolka