One day…Mr. Fox!
~ Niclas after losing at rock-paper-scissor against Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox is the main antagonist of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time. He is a sadistic, dangerous psychopathic fox which shares Niclas’ flat.



Little is known about Mr. Fox's past. It is unknown where he acquired the skills necessary to play card games and use guns, and it also is unknown when he met Niclas, and the reason they live together.

In Ordinary Swedish Meal TimeEdit

In the beginning of the web series, Mr. Fox was the antagonist of the main character Niclas. However, during the series we discover more about his personality. In fact, in a lonely and far side of its little hearth he cares about Niclas, even if he continues to disturb him while he is cooking.

At one point, he cuts Niclas’ precious beard careless of Niclas' screams of terror, causing the interruption of the web-series for two years.


It is difficult to explain Mr. Fox’s personality. He is pure evil. In fact, he always try to boycott Niclas’ attempt to cook his delicious meals. In addition, he always find a way to beat Niclas at games like poker and rock-paper-scissor, and it is told that he is a very good player at Mario Kart Wii. However, Mr. Fox could have a good side. In fact, in the episode “All By Himself”, Mr. Fox seems to suffer Niclas’ absence, but probably his momentary depression is due to the fact that he cannot torment Niclas.


Mr. Fox seems to be a puppet resembling a fox, however it is unknown if he is really a stuffed toy or an embalmed animal. His fur is white and his eyes pale blue, and his aspect is terrifying.



  • In the episode “All by himself” we discover that he can drink and get drunk.
  • He is very strong to be a little fox. In fact, during an episode he seems to be strong enough to compete against Niclas at wrestling arm.