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Mr. Fletcher was a villain from the sci-fi horror movie "The Stuff".

The owner of the business responsible for selling the Stuff to the public he was quite happy to exploit the substance's addictive nature to boost sales and was unrepentive about the many deaths his product had caused once the truth about the Stuff was uncovered.

When the heroes of the story managed to destroy the Stuff Mr. Fletcher simply stated his business was in no danger as he could simply mine more of the Stuff from under the ground and even formed a partnership with his old enemy Mr. Evans to create a new product named "the Taste" which would be made from 88% ice-cream and 12% Stuff believe that it will be harmless.

However both Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Evans meet a fitting fate when they are forced by gunpoint into eating the remaining containers of Stuff and are then left to the police, who are closing in on their position.

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