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Brother Lassar
Today, my brothers...we become gods.
~ Finch, referring to his and the Krillitanes' plan to crack the Skasis Paradigm.
You bad dog.
~ Finch's last words, after K9 blew up the oil drums.

Mr. Finch (real name: Lassar), also known as Brother Lassar and Lucas Finch, is the leader of a group of Krillitanes who is aware of the Time War and the Time Lords' near-extinction, and he first appeared in the episode "School Reunion" of the Doctor Who series.

He was portrayed by Anthony Head.


The Krillitanes had taken human characteristics to infiltrate the Deffry Vale comprehensive school. Taking the position of headmaster, Finch gradually replaced the staff members with disguised Krillitanes and then enacted a series of reforms, including specialised programmes of study and free (abeit compulsory) school dinners. The chips served with the food were laced with Krillitane oil, which enhances the intelligence of the pupils so they could be used to decode the Skasis Paradigm, which would give the Krillitanes control over the structure of reality. The Krillitanes could not use the oil themselves because their constantly changing morphology had rendered it toxic to their systems.

The Tenth Doctor investigated the school, with Rose and Mickey as well as old companions Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 Mark III. Finch tempted the Doctor with power offering the use of the solved Paradigm, but Sarah's urgings (and his sense of right and wrong) helped the Doctor to refuse, saying nobody could ever have such power. While they escaped, K-9 sacrificed itself by using its laser to blow up the barrels of Krillitane oil in the kitchen, showering most of the Krillitanes with it before the kitchen exploded, apparently killing them all.


  • In issues #3-#6 the IDW ongoing Doctor Who comic by Tony Lee, Finch reappears as the prosecution in a Shadow Proclamation case against the Doctor, where he has infiltrated the Shadow Proclamation as part of a plan to make the Krillitane Empire stronger, but at the end of the story it is shown that he was actually a shapechanging alien with a far greater plan. The true location or status of Mister Finch is never revealed.
  • His first name "Lucas" is given on the Deffry Vale School website. According to an on-line interview with Head, Finch's original name in the script was "Hector", but this had to be changed when a check found a real headmaster named "Hector Finch". The Dr. Who Almanac also says his forename is Hector.

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