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Mr. Eye

Mr. Eye

Mr. Eye is the final boss and true main antagonist of Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus. Imprisoned in the Netherverse long ago, he got into contact with Vendra Prog and granted her his powers, in exchange she would help in freeing him from his prison.


As the leader of the Nethers, Mr. Eye was extremely powerful, with just his incredible brute strength alone, he was able to easily tear through several parts of Meridian City and turn the platform Ratchet was battling him from upside down or even destroy it. Since he is the one who gave Vendra her psychic powers, it is possible that he is also able to utilize them, but to a greater degree. Even after being weakened by Ratchet, it took basically all the power Vendra had to throw Eye back into the Netherverse. Mr. Eye could also effectively keep up with Ratchet, despite the fact that he was utilizing every weapon in his arsenal. He could also shoot a powerful laser from his eye that could destroy the Zurkon Family, and kill Ratchet within 5 seconds when floating in anti-gravity, especially on harder difficulties. He can also make shockwaves with his claws.