This has all happend before.
~ Mr.E to Mystery Inc.
Everything will work out fine, you see Scooby is a far more trusting companion then Pericles was to me.
~ Mr.E, when he is revealed to be Ricky Owens, his most famous quote.

Ricky Owens A.K.A Mr. E is the secondary antagonist of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. Mr. E was first an anonymous person who helped the new Mystery Incorporated in their earlier mysteries. He signifies his clues authenticity with his very own wax seal.

The symbol of the letter E. He was later revealed to be Ricky Owens, a member of the original Mystery Incorporated. His alias is a pun off the word "mystery". He is Shaggy Roger's counterpart of the original Mystery Incorporated.

He was voiced by famous comedian Lewis Black.  


He called K-Ghoul and said that they shouldn't had brought back the locket that Daphne Blake found in the sewers and that the real mystery had just begun He scolded Velma for double crossing him and kicking Marcy out of the group, but she hung up on him before he could finish.

He was summoned to a meeting by Professor Pericles, with the other original Mystery Inc.. Cassidy, Brad and Judy consequently turned down Pericles, but E rejoined forces with former best friend, and plotted with him to destroy Cassidy, who began leaving cryptic messages about all of their wrong doings from her radio station.

Pericles, Brad, and Judy had turned against him. Pericles implanted a mutant cobra larvae in his spinal column in his sleep, which put him back under Pericles control.

He continued to grow to hate Pericles, as he watched the parrots methods getting crueler and crueler, he tried once again to stop him, when Pericles told him to make sure the robots killed everyone they had kidnapped for slave labour once they had no more use for them. However Pericles forced him.

Finally after the Evil Entity was releashed and possesed Pericles and consumed Brad and Judy, Rick was all that was left. He managed to save Mystery incorperated from the evil entity but was devoured himself. However once the Entity was killed and all its influence was undone, it reset the time line. In this new one he was happily married to Cassidy, handsome, in good shape and head of a clean and friendly company. He also had Professor Pericles as a pet, who is now also good.



  • He was originally thought to be Fred Jones Sr. since he was shocked after Daphne found a locket belonging to Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves. Also, Fred Jones Sr. did spy on the gang leaving the Darrow Mansion and drove off before anyone would notice him.
  • Angel Dynamite recognized the missing members of the original Mystery Incorporated and lied to everyone that she didn't know who they were. Velma even realized that Angel is actually Cassidy Williams, one of the missing kids in the picture that Mr. E handed them.
  • Corrupt CEO Ed Machine claimed to be a henchman of Mr. E.
  • Many fans speculated that Mr. E is the Riddler from Batman: Brave & The Bold.
  • Professor Pericles was thought to be Mr. E since he warned Fred to be aware of the those closest to him such as Fred Jones Sr.
  • Sheriff Bronson Stone was thought to be Mr. E as well by many fans also.
  • Mr. E admits that Scooby is a more trusted companion then Pericles was to him.


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