Behold your Masters!
~ Mr Diagoras about the Daleks

Mr. Diagoras was a villain appearing in the Doctor Who episode "Daleks in Manhattan". He was a businessman working together with the Daleks. He was the one to oversee the construction of the Empire State Building.


Diagoras was contacted by the Cult of Skaro who needed the Empire State Building for energy, as they wanted to restore the Dalek race. Diagoras would always speak to Dalek Caan, when they were talking about their plans, until later Caan brought him to Dalek Sec to "reward" him for his loyality and for his way to think like a Dalek. However, what the Daleks saw as a reward was actually Dalek Sec taking his body to become a "Human Dalek", meaning the end for Diagoras.


According to Dalek Caan, Diagoras was similar to a Dalek, as he was power hungry, ambitious, ruthless and cold. However, there might have been a good side in Mr Diagoras, as Dalek Sec gained emotions like empathy and mercy after taking Diagora's body.