Mr. Chanax

Mr. Chanax is the main antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball Season 3 episode, "The Boss". He is the evil alter-ego of the Newspaper Employee and boss of Chanax Inc. Headquarters. He looks like a wrinkled-up piece of paper with a scary demonic face with sharp teeth.

When Rocky Robinson's father, Mr. Robinson, was suffering a life-threatening accident, Gumball and Darwin help Rocky get an office job at the Chanax Inc. Headquarters to help his father and make him proud. Mr. Chanax (in his Newspaper Employee disguise) hired Rocky, only to exchange his spirit inside a bottle, turning Rocky into a soulless worker. After Gumball and Darwin checked on Mr. Robinson, they realized something was not right and returned to the headquarters to save Rocky. After navigating through a maze and passing through a cyclops secretary, the trio landed right in Mr. Chanax's head office. Mr. Chanax reveals his true form, an evil demonic piece of paper. He then gloats that Rocky belongs here forever. Mr. Chanax attempts to control Gumball and Darwin as well, but it doesn't work because he was weak, and Gumball explains that his mind control works on soulless people who signed the contract. Mr. Chanax attempts to eat Rocky's spirit in the bottle, but Gumball rips Rocky's contract, defeating Mr. Chanax, and crumbles up into a ball and dies, and Rocky regained his spirit, and freeing the workers from Mr. Chanax's control.




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