Remy With His Parents
Mr. Buxaplenty is the father of Remy Buxaplenty


He appears in "Scary GodParents" as a cameo, sending his bulldogs after Timmy and his friends. However, his most prominent role is in the Season 9 episode, "Country Clubbed" where he and his wife run over Mr. and Mrs. Turner and invite them to their country club to avoid a lawsuit. However, it is later revealed that they had purposely run over Mr. and Mrs. Turner and only invited them to their country clubbed so they could video their most embarrassing moment and show it to the guest of the country clubbed. When Timmy (disguised as a celebrity) finds out about this, he manages to get his payback by convicning Cosmo (disguised as Timmy's butler) to blow up Mr. Buxaplenty's country club. Mr. Buxaplenty cries about how now he only has his 200-room masnion. Cosmo then admits he accidentally launched a missile at Mr. Buxaplenty's mansion, which soon explodes. Mr. Buxaplenty excclaims "At least I have my yacht" before Cosmo says "No, he doesn't" as the yacht blows up. Later, as Cosmo drives Timmy and his parents home in his tank, he rides over Mr. Buxaplenty's limo.