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Mr. Burns' Dogs are minions of Mr. Burns (from the Simpsons). He usually sends them out when he has unwanted company on his property.


The hounds are Mr. Burns' dogs. He continuously releases them on trespassers and people who irritate him. Mr. Burns has a button in his office for releasing them. Mr. Burns mostly releases them on his low level employees from the Power Plant, Homer Simpson. Mr. Burns has released them on almost every member of the Simpsons family including Homer and Bart. There are 5-20 dogs in the group of both genders. One of the longest serving dogs is named Crippler. They have become a trademark and symbol of Mr. Burns' hate and power. In the episode "Dog of Death", Santa's Little Helper was for a short time, one of the hounds.


  • There's No Disgrace Like Home (Mentioned)
  • Bart Vs. Thanksgiving
  • Dog of Death
  • Team Homer
  • Springfield Up
  • The Fool Monty
  • Them, Robot
  • To Cur, with Love
  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out

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