Mr. Bridges was a minor antagonist in 28 Days Later. He was one of the Infected. He was played by Alexander Delamere.



Before the Outbreak, Mr. Bridges was a good friend of Jim and his family and lived with his daughter several blocks down the street from Jim. Mr. Bridges had an unknown job. He was apparently a pleasant enough man before he got Infected.


Mr. Bridges got Infected along with his daughter several weeks into the Outbreak, and he roamed the streets of Deptford with her at night, hunting down survivors. He failed to find any as his fellow Infected had Infected or killed all survivors. Mr. Bridges was often liable to come out at night.

Role in the movie

When Mr. Bridges was out hunting with his Infected daughter several weeks into the Outbreak, Mr. Bridges was looking up at the Moon for a minute before he got attracted to a light source coming from a house. He was confused because he hadn't found any humans around since he got Infected. Mr. Bridges was drawn to the light, which turned out to be from a candle held by Jim.

Mr. Bridges climbed up onto the roof and he and his daughter smashed through the glass skylight, and found Jim beneath. Mr. Bridges did his best to kill Jim, scrambling at him and clawing at his face, but he was then hacked to death by Selena, who was woken by the chaos. His daughter was also killed too but not after Infecting Mark.


Jim was notably shocked at Mr. Bridges' death, only being able to fathom that it was Mr. Bridges who attacked him, being in too much shock to recognize anything else, showing how well Jim got on with the man.