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Mr. Bottomleiner is Lola's hotheaded boss and the main antagonist of the CatDog episode "CatDogumentary". He is an anthropomorphic armadillo with a green suite and a red tie. Lola mistakenly calls him "Bottomliner".


Mr. Bottomleiner wants a CatDog documentary because it starts showing at 8:00 pm, and demands Lola to finish it immediately, or else he will make her into his stuffed bird collection.

After the movie, Mondo CatDog, is finished and screened in the movie theater. When it thinks that movie sucks, Bottomleiner and his bodyguards attempt to capture CatDog and Lola. But when the audience find the movie great, Bottomleiner praises Lola for the movie.

CatDog and Lola spent their money to a vacation. They ride speedboats and crash into Bottomleiner's boat. Bottomleiner asked if they haven't scratched his boat and demands for a sequel.


  • Like Rancid Rabbit and Gopher, he is voiced by Billy West who is best known his role as Fry in the Futurama franchise.
  • In the credits his name is listed as "Bottomleiner" while in the captions it is "Bottomleaner".