~ Mr. Boogedy

Mr. Boogedy is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel TV movie 'Mr. Boogedy' and its sequel 'Bride of Boogedy.' He was played by Howard Witt.


In life, he was a pilgrim settler named William Hanover who lived in the late 17th century. He was a cruel, grouchy man who hated children and all forms of fun and merriment. Whenever he saw children playing, he would scare them away by shouting "BOOGEDY, BOOGEDY, BOOGEDY!" This odious habit led to him eventually being nicknamed "Mr. Boogedy."

Hanover fell in love with the beautiful Widow Marion, but when he asked her to marry him, she refused. To try and win her hand, he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for a magical cloak that gave him various magic powers. He kidnapped Widow Marion's young son Jonathan and tried to use this fact to force Marion to marry him, but his attempt at using further magic caused an explosion which killed himself, Jonathan, and Marion, and the three of them remained in the area as ghosts.

In the modern age, a family called the Davises move into a house built on the land where Mr. Boogedy's house had stood when he was alive. They soon notice weird goings- on in the house, and discover that the ghosts of Mr. Boogedy and Jonathan remain inside the house, while the ghost of Widow Marion remains just outside the house, unable to enter it and be reunited with her son as long as Boogedy remains there.

The Davises eventually confront Mr. Boogedy, and while he nearly destroys them with his magic, their youngest son defeats him by using a vacuum cleaner to suck off Boogedy's cloak, causing the evil ghost to disappear. This enables the spirit of Widow Marion to finally be reunited with the spirit of her son, and their spirits are set free.

Mr. Boogedy returns in the sequel, 'Bride of Boogedy,' regains his cloak and sets out to get revenge. He also mistakes Mrs. Davis, who at the time was wearing a pilgrim- style dress, for his lost love Widow Marion, and tries to make her his bride forever. Mr. Boogedy was foiled again, however, and dragged down to the Underworld, where he presumably will remain imprisoned for all eternity.