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I'm taking your train.
~ Mr. Blue

Bernard Ryder, a.k.a. Mr. Blue is the main antagonist in the 1974 film The Taking of Pelham One Two Three.

He is portrayed by the late Robert Shaw.


Mr. Blue is a mercenary leader who hijacks the Pelham 123 subway train along with three other armed associates. Holding seventeen passengers on board hostage, Mr. Blue contacts the New York City Transit Authority and demands that they give him and his men $1 million in exchange for the hostages' lives. A police lieutenant named Zachary Garber learns that if Mr. Blue does not receive the payment within one hour, he will begin killing hostages every minute.

After obtaining the money and killing one of the hostages, Mr. Blue and his men successfully override the train's dead-man's switch which allows the train to continue moving without a driver. The hijackers remove their disguises and prepare to escape from the subway with the money, but one of the hostages manages to leap from the train and onto the track. The hostage happens to be a police officer and distracts Mr. Blue by firing towards him, forcing him to take cover. Mr. Blue wounds the officer and is just about to finish him off when Garber appears, having guessed that the moving train was a diversion and that Mr. Blue was escaping. Garber orders Mr. Blue to put down his gun, to which Mr. Blue complies before asking him if the death penalty is still applicable in New York. Garber replies that it isn't, with Mr. Blue claiming that it is a pity. Before Garber is able to arrest him, Mr. Blue commits suicide by stepping on the third rail, frying himself.

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