Mr. Black is a minor antagonist in Klay World: Off the Table.


Mr. Black (Middle) near Pick and Gary


He was a normal Klayman, but known as the smartest Klayman alive, but not saying much since most Klaymen are incredibly stupid. He was told by Smiling Gary that they had been contacted by aliens. He announced it to everybody, and decided that they would build a truck and leave the house in search of the aliens. The was to go, along with Pick and Smiling Gary. A Klayman named Chip and his friend, Rick, asked to go. Mr. Black told them no and to go away. Chip started crying about how he has and uncle that invented a time machine, and below him he looks like nothing. Mr. Black asks Chip if his uncle's last name is "Brown" which Chip answers yes to. Mr. Black tells Chip that it was it was him who invented the time machine, and Dr. Brown stole it. Mr. Black would do anything to find Brown and get his revenge. Chip says he will tell Black where Brown is if he lets him come. Black reluctantly agrees. In the days before the adventure, Black is hostile to Chip and treats him poorly. He also refuses to let Rick come because there "isn't enough room" even though Rick coming was part of the deal. Then they set off in search of the aliens. At some point they reach a meadow, where Mr. Black admits he has no idea what he's doing. Chip is outraged by this, and calls Mr. Black a "woman". Mr. Black freaks out and threatens to kill Chip before jumping in the truck with Pick asleep on it and tries to run over Chip, but he misses and the truck falls into a ditch, severely injuring him and barley hunting Pick. Chip and Gary rush over to find Mr. Black in bad shape and dying. Before his death, he tells Chip that they must go back to the house and get Brown's time machine and stop this from happening then he dies. Much much later, Rick tries to steal the time machine to make sure that Klay World loses against the aliens that they had just destroyed, but Pick rams him with the truck and he falls to his death, destroying the time machine in the process, meaning Black would stay dead forever.