WordGirl: In five words or less, describe what your company does.
Mr. Big: Is 'mind control' one or two words?
~ WordGirl and Mr. Big, at a business fair
Mr. Big (real name: Shelly Smalls) is a antagonist of the educational TV show WordGirl. He is a self-proclaimed rich, evil corporate businessman, and CEO of the self-titled Mr. Big Industries (which has a golden corporate logo with Mr. Big's face on it). Mr. Big's specialty is mind-control, as evidenced in his company's mission statement: "We strive to constantly use mind-control." He is considered as one of the most dangerous villains of Word Girl as well as one of the few to actually attempt murder. He crosses the Moral Event Horizon in the episode "WordGirl Makes A Mistake", in which he traps WordGirl in a cage while she is infected.
Mr big evil plan


  • Mr. Big was voiced by actor Jeffrey Tambor.