If God was a villain, he'd be me!
~ Mr. Benedict
Here Jack, the bad guys can win!
~ Benedict to Slater moments before his death.

Mr. Benedict is the main antagonist in the 1993 action-comedy film Last Action Hero.

He was portrayed by Charles Dance who also portrayed Tywin Lannister and Sardo Numspa.


Mr. Benedict starts out to be one of the villains in the film-within-a-film Jack Slater IV and tries to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Jack Slater. Jack Slater IV is a film that Danny Madigan goes to see at the cinema. Danny is then given a magic ticket that transports him inside the film, thus making it become real.

Mr. Benedict works for the mafia boss Tony Vivaldi and later comes to know about Jack Slater and Danny working together to stop him; after a face-off with the two, he manages to steal the magic ticket and travel from the movie world into our world, though not before having killed Vivaldi.

Jack and Danny run after him, and soon find out that Benedict has been watching and entering different films. He soon extracts an old enemy of Jack from Jack Slater 3, the Ripper, and gives him the direct order to kill actor Arnold Shwarzenegger so he can't play Jack anymore. The Ripper fails when Jack arrives in time to stop Schwarzenegger's murder.

Later, Benedict confronts Jack on a rooftop and announces his plan to bring an army of villains to our world, such as Dracula, King Kong, Freddy Krueger, Adolf Hitler, Hannibal Lecter, and even Rosemary's Baby. He then shoots Jack in the chest, but Jack recovers his pistol with Danny's help and then kills Benedict by shooting him in his glass eye, detonating the explosive inside it and blowing him to smithereens.

Benedict's appearance is that of a very elegant but cold-blooded killer who wears a glass eye with a different symbol on it every time he appears in a scene; for example, in some scenes, he is wearing an eye with a smiley face on it while other times, he wears one resembling a tiger's eye.


  • 24 years later, two of the above-mentioned villains (Dracula and King Kong) appeared in The Lego Batman Movie.