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Mr. Beck is a gangster who did favors on phenomena like Gaterboy and Porcupine, but then charged them $10,000, taking their mother and threatening to kill her.


Mr. Beck first appeared in the episode Ready to Rumble wanting $10,000 from Gaterboy and Porcupine. The two failed to do so after losing the wrestling match to Ben (who has wrestling as Four Arms). Mr. Beck then is about to kill their mother by sawing her in half but Mr. Beck was then defeated by Ditto. Mr. Beck was then arrested for his actions.

Powers and Abilites

Being a human, Mr. Beck doesn't have any actual powers except for his strength. This was proven as he easily threw off many Ditto clones that were ganging up on him. Mr. Beck also uses his cane as a weapon.


As stated by Ben, Mr. Beck's size can be used against him. This means that Mr. Beck's large size makes him an easy target to other attacks. Also, Mr. Beck can be easily angered and because of this, he can be lured into any trap.


Ben 10

  • Ready to Rumble (first appearance)

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