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Mr. Bear is the main antagonist of a Creepypasta titled 1999. He is a child kidnapper and murderer, said to be born in 1972.


In 1975 Mr. Bear was raped by a paedophile when he was a kid, 1977 his father was really abusive and he found him having sex with another woman that day and found out that he also killed his mother that day, but before he could kill Mr. Bear he (accidentally) shot himself, because Mr. Bear thought he was saved by a fallen angel he spent his life severing it.

Then in the 90's he created a channel called Caledon Local 21 which is only picked up by rabbit ears of old television sets in Ontario, Canada. Mr. Bear's Cellar is a show where the hidden cameraman in a bear costume playing with children in his basement (abusing them and killing them). He also made a special called Soup and Spoon where he serves children soup which are hinted to be remains of his victims.

He escaped his house one night before the police came to investigate and is still said to be around Pickering, Ontario or the forests of all of Ontario.

He sent a e-Mail to what was supposed to be one more of his many victims but since the cops where coming he never got him. The recording was used in the online story of him 1999.