Mr. Armstrong (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Mr. Armstrong is an abusive jailer and a minor villain in the TV Show: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. He is voiced by Koji Ishi in the Japanese version, and by David Wills in the English Dub.


Mr. Armstrong is an cruel, arrogant, manipulative, and tyrannical warden at the facility center. He is extremely condescending, disdainful, and haughty to those he deems as "trash" of society. Furthermore, throughout his duel with Yusei, he is shown to have a cold-blooded and sadistic side, as he rigged his opponent's duel disk to emit shocks upon them receiving damages. As a duelist, he has no qualms about cheating, as seen by his attempt to spy at Yusei's hand during his duel. 



Armstrong engages in a duel with Yusei

After Yusei Fudo is admitted to The Facility, Rex Goodwin intructed that Armstrong keeps an eye on Yusei as he is expected to be a potential Signer. This led Armstrong to carefully observe Yusei during his duel with Bolt Tanner, and subsequently report his findings to Goodwin. Following the Duel, Armstrong had the majority of inmates transfered to a ward where their time is extended to a minimum of six months. In order to acquire additional information on Yusei, he framed Bolt for concealing a switchblade, which he used as an excuse to drag him to an interrogation room where despite his best efforts, Bolt refused to sell out his friend (In the Dub version, he framed Tanner for having magazines). Because of this, Armstrong beat Bolt up and informed the other inmates that because of his "crime", they all lost privileges to leaving their cells for one year. With this, the inmates display their annoyance to which Armstrong
310px-Kaiba222Yu-Gi-Oh5DsEpisode9 PIC323

Armstrong's Iron Chain Repairman attacks Yusei

insulted them, by calling them mere garbage. Hearing this, Yusei defended his fellow inmates to which Armstrong proposed a Duel where if Yusei wins, the inmates will be allowed their free time back and Bolt's "crime" will be overlooked;however, should Yusei loses, he'd be at Armstrong's mercy for the rest of his life.

Armstrong then has Yanagi's Deck confiscated so that Yusei wouldn't have access to any cards, meaning he'd lose his end of the bargain. However he was shocked when Yusei revealed he had acquired a Deck consisting of the various inmate's favourite cards. Armstrong then forces Yusei into a Duel where if they take damage, they recieve an electric shock. However, when Yusei managed to inflict damage to Armstrong using his "Exiled Force", he joked that his Duel Disk was broken, when in fact he rigged it so that the electric current wouldn't flow to him. As the Duel continued, Armstrong began to destroy Yusei's Deck, joking that the cards that belonged to the inmates belong in the trash. He also utilized the various cameras located around the duel field to spy on Yusei's hand and field. Yusei eventually came to know of this and used a power outage caused by Alex's friends to conceal a card in his hand up his sleeve as well as switch his Set cards. As Yusei gained an advantage, the electric current shocked Armstrong.

Alex is then caught and reveals that instead of escaping, he used the opportunity to sabotage the machine that prevented the current from hitting Armstrong. As the duel continued, Armstrong manages to summon his most powerful monster- "Iron Chain Dragon." He combine this and other various cards to wipe out Yusei's monster, mill through his deck, and inflict burn damages at the same time. Despite Alex's effort, Yusei is ultimately defeated by Armstrong. Yusei falls on his hands and knees after recieving multiple shocks. Armstrong proceeds to ridicule Yusei, forcing him to beg for mercy.Goodwin, witnessing the entire event, decides to free Yusei because of Armstrong's cheating tactics during the duel. Goodwin then decides to fire Armstrong for abusing his power and cheating.</span>


Mr. Armstrong deck is an Iron Chain Deck. His deck mainly relies on destroying his opponents deck while inflicting effect damages. His strongest monster is his synchro monster; Iron Chain Dragon.