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Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were villains from the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode The Tale of the Hatching. Mr. Taylor and his wife ran the boarding school that Augie and his sister Jasmine attended while their parents were away on business. The school rules are strict; for example, it is forbidden to listen to music or play video games. The Taylors, in fact, seem to be bothered by high-pitched sounds. At dinner, all the other kids eat a strange mash call spunge, that they have for dessert every night. Both Augie and Jasmine decide not to eat it. One night, all the kids who had eaten the spunge go into a trance and go into the basement of the school, where they fertilize some eggs in the pool. The two siblings follow them, and they find out that Mr. and Mrs. Taylor are reptilian aliens, the last of their kind, who use the spunge to brainwash the children so that they take care of the alien eggs waiting to hatch to populate the earth. Also, since they are carnivores, the alien newborns will feed on the children who had taken care of them. When the aliens capture Augie and Jasmine and discover that they haven't eaten the spunge, they enclose them in a room where they will be devoured by the alien Master. However, remembering the effects of high-pitched sounds on the Taylors, the two siblings use a Walkman and a speaker to play rock music before the aliens can stop them. The Taylors explode, along with their Master and eggs. The kids are freed from their trance and they can not remember anything of what happened. In the end, it turns out that one egg has survived somehow and is now starting to hatch.

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