Hey, spit him out! You know the rules!
~ Mr. Gorilla ordering Mr. Griffin to spit out the Prairie Dog.
Now you and your hubby can sort it all out, hmm?
~ Mrs. Gorilla taunting Dave and Hazel in their cell.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorilla are two (former) supporting antagonists of the 2015 computer-animated German film, Oops! Noah is Gone... (also titled All Creatures Big and Small in the US and Two by Two in the UK).

They are Lion Captain's henchmen who act as his bodyguards and servants during the voyage on the Ark. Mr. Gorilla act as the guard of the supplies while his wife Mrs. Gorilla is the guard of the stowaway cells.

Mr. Gorilla was voiced by Patrick FitzSymons, who also voiced Tanglefoot the squid and a Siberian Tiger. Mrs. Gorilla, Mr. Gorilla's wife, was voiced by Aileen Mythen, who also voiced Mrs. Griffin, Flamingo, and Margaret the Rhino.


Mr. Gorilla

Mr. Gorilla
Mr. Gorilla has a blue chest, purple fur, and a huge forehead looking surprisingly similar to Marge Simpson. His forehead causes him trouble entering and exiting rooms with low doors, like the bridge of the Ark. He is very powerful, strong, and brave, but he shows to have a fear of the floodwater and shows nervousness when Lion gets so angry and frustrated at him. He is also annoyed of arguing couples, presumably because it reminds him of his wife,

Mrs. Gorilla

Mrs. Gorilla
Mrs. Gorilla has a pale chest with black fur containing a few gray spots on her head and shoulders. Like her husband, she is strong and smart, but can be a little clumsy at her job, especially when it comes to saving her husband.


The Gorillas first appear at the beginning of film along with Flamingo introducing their boss, the Lion Caption, to the the animals at the gathering about the flood and Noah's Ark. The next day, Mr. Gorilla stood guarding the entrance of the Ark. The Griffins fly in to the front of the line of animals, causing Mr. Gorilla to order them to get to the back. He then spots a Prairie Dog attempting to flee from Mr. Griffin's mouth and forces him to spit it out, since the consumption of animals is forbidden on the Ark. Mr. Gorilla tells the Griffins to scram before things get ugly, which Mr. Griffin remarks that since the guard of the Ark was a gorilla, things were already ugly. The enraged ape kicks the two Griffins off into the horizon.

Leah, wanting see the flood arrive with her own eyes, moves to the top of the Ark, with Finny following after her. At the top, they see the Gorillas packing the food and luggage for the trip, and Leah distracts them by rolling a barrel down the stairs. Finny and Leah get to the front, disappointed that the floodwater was nowhere to be found. Mr. Gorilla spots them and gives chase, telling them they weren't allowed up on the top. He corners the two on the edge of the boarding platform, stating that they were in big trouble. He spots the floodwaters coming in, and runs back inside the Ark, screaming for his life.

Later, after finding out Dave was a stowaway, Mrs. Gorilla tosses him and Hazel in a cell. Lion tells her to keep the stowaways locked up in the cell, since he'll deal with them later. Dave comes up with a plan to trick the Gorillas into letting them out. Mr. Gorilla hears Dave's screams and opens the door to see Hazel angrily chasing Dave. Mr. Gorilla jumps him to stop them, only to get knocked down by Hazel. Dave and Hazel break for it and lock the door behind them, leaving Mr. Gorilla inside the cell. Mrs. Gorilla hears her husband banging on the cell door and lets him out. Dave, hiding on the ceiling with Hazel, accidentally lets out his blue smokescreen, covering the Gorillas. Outraged, the Gorillas chase after the smoke trail Dave left behind as he and Hazel run and hide from them.

When Dave and Hazel knock out Lion, Mr. Gorilla arrives at the bridge, informing Lion (who's actually being controlled by Dave and Hazel) that the Nestrian and Grymp escaped the cell. Lion "Puppet" tells Mr. Gorilla to stop the stowaways before they can start a mutiny. The gorilla accepts, and walks out of the room, while also comically banging his forehead on the wall.

Surprisingly, neither of the Gorillas appear afterward for the rest of the film. Mr. Gorilla makes a quick cameo in the credits celebrating the disappearance of the floodwaters along with Lion, Flamingo, Margaret, and all the other animals that boarded the Ark.