Mr. Mrs. Bristow are a pair of abusive parents and antagonists in the New Mutants media, they appear in a story revolving around the abuse of their son, Peter, who was regularly lashed by his father to the point he began to develop a psychosis in which he believed "love" was only true when someone was abusing him.

This resulted in a tragedy when Peter began to fall in love with someone but was treated with respect, unable to understand he began to antagonize her with lewd phone calls so as to be treated badly, which he believed was "love".


Frustrated at the harassment the woman contacted the police and later the New Mutants themselves in aiding her capture the culprit, when they revealed Peter as the source a telepathic screening was done to try and figure out his motives.

It was then that they found out he was frequently beaten by his father as his mother watched on, whipped while being told the abuse was "out of love".

This warped Peter's view on the world and he could only feel loved when being abused, angry and humiliated Peter lashed out but was stopped - in the scuffle his shirt tore and the New Mutants were shocked to see his entire back was badly scarred, due to constant whippings.

Breaking down into tears and believing he was a bad boy Peter was aided by Xavier, who swore to continue to aid Peter's psychological recovery - Xavier also contacted authorities and Mr. and Mrs. Bristow are likely facing serious charges of child abuse.. meanwhile Peter is being taken into foster care to hopefully recover from his years of pain.