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Movie Bomb was a minor antagonist in the popular Nostalgia Critic series, appearing in his review of Turbo : A Power Rangers Movie it was a parody of the frequently used giant monsters and aliens of both Power Rangers and Sentai shows, just like in the show it was summoned by Rita Repulsa (though for comedic purposes).

In the context of the review Rita Repulsa planned to force the world to watch Turbo, believing everyone would be reminded of how "terrible" Power Rangers was and thus destroy the franchise - in order to help in achieving her goals she summoned the Movie Bomb monster in order to combat the Nostalgia Critic, who was hired to stop her via reviewing the movie.

At first the Movie Bomb was a fairly standard monster that the Critic defeated easily via misuse of a Zord but just as in the show itself the Movie Bomb would be revived by Rita Repulsa and grew to enormous size.

Thus the Critic had to pilot the Zord to try and defeat the Movie Bomb but found the monster far too powerful even for him, in the end it took the summoning of the Green Ranger (Linkara) to destroy the Movie Bomb via overloading it with "geeky" complaints and observations (over-analyzing the movie).

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