The Mouse is the main antagonist of the Uncle Grandpa episode "Tiger and Mouse". She is a adolescent mouse that admires English Muffinz.

Role in Uncle Grandpa series

She appears as the main antagonist in the episode "Tiger and Mouse". The Giant Realistic Flying Tiger found her eating the computer wires. She escapes and apologizes to her. Then, they start to get along, but in doing so begins to cause problems for Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve and Uncle Grandpa and Uncle Grandpa decides to separate, and thus kidnaps English Muffinz and says only come out with one of the two, therefore Mouse decides to leave Tiger. This makes end fighting and at the end, Tiger hit it with a colorful fart and brings out flying to the city and once there, it explodes, and an elderly couple wonder whether what exploded was a mouse. It's unknown if she survived or died to the rainbow explosion.