The Motorouin is the villainous organization from Progear.


The country of Parts Kingdom had always been renowned for it's high-advanced technology. In the past, they created the technology to make people immortal, but only the wealthiest elders could afford it. Only five people underwent this process, becoming known as the Motorouin sages. But with their immortality also came the lust for power, and soon the Motorouin instituted a new senate and decided to take over the Parts Kingdom, wishing to institute a new world order with them under control.

The government mobilizes it's army and soon a massive war breaks out, resulting in the destruction of many villages. The surviving children of the destroyed villages decide to fight back, developing the Progear airplanes. Five of those teens: Ring, Bolt, Chain, Nail and Rivet(the oldest of the five), offer to pilot the Progears with the mission of defeating the Motoruin and their leaders.

After a fierce fight, the Motorouin is destroyed, but the war is ultimately lost, as the entire Parts Kingdom ends in ruins after the savage war. Rivet became a widow and a single mother. Nail, once a princess of Parts Kingdom, lost her entire family and her status as a princess. She was demoted to ordinary commoner when the kingdom transitioned itself from Kingdom to republic. Left with no one else but her pet lizard, she is now under Bolt's care.

With the kingdom becoming republic, The Motorouin's vision of new world order somewhat came to fruition, although it did not occurr the a way they intended.


  • Captain Balossum Pench: Controls the front forces of the Motorouin. Pilots the Tobiuo flying ship.
  • Ambassador Gabriel Hammer: Commands the harbor area. Pilots the Hakugei submarine.
  • Secretary-General Jimchuck Spanner: Protects the outskirts of the Imperial City. Pilots the Korogis tank. He uses a ventriloquist doll to talk.
  • General Olsorro Slasher: Has positioned her forces in the mountainside area. Pilots the Kraken battleship. Is the only female of the group.
  • President Leonard Drill: The leader of the Motorouin, he leads the group from the floating island in the center of the Parts Kingdom. Pilots the Volvox sphere fortress. His lion-face is actually a mask he wears to conceal his wired-up face.