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The Motorhead Empire is the villainous country and an evil organization from Steel Empire.


The Empire is headed by General Styron, who took power after a coup d'etat. Under Styron's wing, the Motorhead Empire has conquered almost all neighboring countries. They have a powerful military, comprised of steam-powered machines such as tanks, flying battleships and locomotives.

The only country still not conquered is the Silverhead Republic. Though Silverhead don't have a military as powerful as Motorhead, they remain unchallenged thanks to their highly advanced technology, years ahead of Motorhead's steam machines. Silverhead has a small elite air force with skilled pilots, and their aircraft are equipped with the powerful Lightning Bomb, which can easily destroy Motorhead's machines.

Not one to admit defeat, the Motorhead Empire lauches an attack against Silverhead in an attempt to take over their territory. Silverhead sendt two aircrafts, a ornithropter and a zeppelin to fight off the invaders. Upon defeating Motorhead's invading forces, they lauch an attack against Motorhead's capital Dama, in order to capture General Styron. They obliterate Motorhead's defenses and invade Styron's fortress, only to find that the entire attack was only meant to stall Silverhead, as they were completing a new weapon called Lunanaught, which is a spaceship they planned to launch into orbit to attack Silverhead without resistance. As the Lunanaught is launched, the two aircraft pursue it, fighting it on Moon's surface and destroying it, killing General Styron with it. The fate of the two Silverhead pilots is unknown.


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