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The Moto-Mutants are a villainous group of crazed bikers who like to cause trouble in Cosplay City. In the first episode, they interupt Mayor Light's speech and begin scaring people off. Of course, as pretty tough as they can be, they are all also scared of Dolmeck. After the first half of series, the gang don't appear anymore, so they probably ran off, after their many defeats.


Our city's answer to Hell's Angels. These punks ride about the city wreaking havoc and terrorizing the citizens.

Each member of this gang rides a bestially-themed motorcycle outfitted with machine guns. In addition, each Moto Mutant is armed a medieval weapon of some sort - usually a battleaxe, mace or sword. They have also been known to employ grenades and other explosive weapons. They are exceptionally hardy and can withstand more physical punishment than the average person.

While they owe no allegiance to Dolmeck, the Moto Mutants still fear the Lord of Darkness and defer to him whenever he or his minions are present.


Chokei's parents rob a bank. Here, it is revealed that Chokei wants to follow in the foot steps of Mayor Light and clean up crime-infested Cosplay City. At one of Mayor Light's (which Chokei attends), a motorcycle gang shows up. Chokei's cybernetic grandpa, Danbei, arrives and battles with the bikers trying to drive them away. Amidst the fighting, Dolmeck shows up and tries to convince Mayor Light to let him help rule Cosplay City. Mayor Light refuses Dolmeck's offer, and Dolmeck and his minions leave the meeting. Following the meeting, Danbei tells Chokei about Cutey Honey, a mighty female warrior who once battled the Panther Claw gang. Chokei mentions that the mayor's secretary is named Honey, and wonders whether she is the same Honey that fought off the Panther Claw gang many years ago. They decide to find Ms. Honey, and arrive at Mayor Light's office to find that Death Star has ambushed Mayor Light's bodyguards. When Danbei and Chokei reach Ms. Honey amidst the gunfire, she can't remember anything about her true self and mission. After Danbei gets himself taken hostage by Death Star, he instructs Honey to pray for the power to fight, which will break the seal of the program. As Death Star opens fire on Honey, a beam of light appears from the sky and forms a collar around her neck. She then transforms into an iron armored warrior. Realizing she stands no chance, Death Star pulls out a capsule and injects it into her breast, transforming herself into a demon. She then locks into combat with Honey. At the climax of the battle, Honey channels all of her energy into her sword and a large aura bursts out, incinerating Death Star.