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Mothias is a giant moth and the main antagonist of the Aladdin (TV series) episode "Mission: Imp Possible".

Originally a large worm or caterpillar, Mothias comes from the center of a giant golden cocoon. Nefir says that Mothias is an imp-eating moth and he tries to run away from him soon after.

While the moth is after Nefir, Iago makes the imp free Genie from a bottle so the djinn can rescue him. Genie builds a web to trap Mothias, but ends up getting himself caught by it. So he makes Nefir build the web. He then ties Nefir up in the center of the web to make Mothias approach the imp.

When Mothias dives after Nefir, Genie pulls the imp away and the moth gets caught by the web. Genie then completely covers Mothias with his own silk, sealing him in a cocoon once again.


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