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Motherfucker Mike

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Motherfucker Clarence Mike is a leading antagonist in the Cinemassacre webseries Board James. He symbolizes that friend we all knew as kids that always cheated.

Though he doesn't do anything too malicious or illegal, he is a trash-talking bully, cheater, and liar who will do anything to win a board game against his "friend" Board James. This is why he is crudely called a motherfucker.

Mike was killed by either the Dream Phone or Board James (depending on what the ending meant) by getting stabbed in the back. Mike was resurrected in the Ouija/Domino Rally video, along with Bad Luck Bootsy, when Board James used a Ouija Board to bring them back from the dead. However, in the Full House & Urkel Games, we learn that Bootsy and Motherfucker Mike were merely just figments of Board James' imagination as a flashback clip from the Crossfire episode shows that Board James was really playing by himself. 

It is revealed in Nightmare that his first name is actually Motherfucker and his middle name is Clarence. 


  • Mike is portrayed by the actor he is based on, Mike Matei.