NOTE: This article is mainly about the first Mother Maggie, appeared in the episode "Road to Europe" from the TV Series "Family Guy".

Mother Maggie

The first Mother Maggie is blonde and fascinating woman, a minor villain from TV Series "Family Guy" and the hidden main antagonist in the episode "Road to Europe" from Season 3.

She looks like a sweet and friendly woman as she stars in "Jolly Farm Revue", one of Stewie Griffin's favorite television programs, but actually she is a arrogant and selfish woman. Stewie had come to Europe with Brian, just to meet her, but when she yells at him, Stewie discovers the true nature of the woman, who kicks him off the stage. Demoralized, an angry Stewie gets back at Mother Maggie by defecating on her shoes before losing interest in the show.

The first Mother Maggie was replaced by a brunette woman, but this new version is the most kind and nice.

She is voiced by Lauren Graham in the episode "Road to Europe", Anne Hathaway in "Go, Stewie, Go!" and Katherine McPhee in "You Can't Do That On Television, Peter".