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The Mother is one of the two antagonists of the fairy tale "Diamonds and Toads" by Charles Perrault.

She is an ill-tempered widow with two daughters. She hates her younger daughter, who takes after her late husband, and loves her older daughter Fanny, who takes after her. The younger daughter is abused by her mother and older sister.

One day, the mother sends the younger daughter to the well. While she is there, an old beggar woman asks her for water. The girl helps the old woman, who is really a fairy, and the fairy blesses her with having jewels and flowers come out of her mouth when she spoke.

When the girl returns home, the mother becomes jealous and wants Fanny to have the gift as well. Fanny is sent to the well the next day. The fairy disguises herself as a beautiful princess, but Fanny is rude to her. The fairy then curses Fanny with having toads and snakes come out of her mouth when she spoke.

Fanny returns to her mother, who becomes furious at her younger daughter and drives her away. The younger daughter is eventually rescued by a prince, whom she marries, while the mother soon finds Fanny unbearable and chases her out.