Moskito is a villain in the original Rayman video game. He is the first major boss employed by the game's main antagonist, Mr. Dark in efforts to thwart Rayman's attempts to free the Electoons and restore harmony to the world. However, after Moskito was defeated he broke down in tears. Rayman took pity on Moskito and the two became friends.


Moskito is a large, oversized mosquito. His appearance varies depending on the version of the game, but his official appearance is different than that of Bzzit, who is fought earlier in the game. Moskito has bright red wings, dark red eyelids, a gray proboscis, and light purple, detached hands and feet.



Moskito is the boss the Dream Forest, specifically located at the end of the Moskito's Nest level. In his battle, he attacks Rayman using varying sizes of spiky fruit. Like most enemies in the game, he must be punched in order to deplete his health.

Rayman Advance (GBA)

As a direct port of Rayman 1, he appears again as he did in the original game.

Rayman Origins

Moskito returns in Rayman Origins, but not as an enemy. In some levels, Moskito will offer Rayman a ride, during which the player takes control of Moskito. Moskito also helped Rayman chase down The Magician when he tried to escape on his airship.