Very Angered By Your Stunts. As This Is The First Time, And Words With Anne, I Am Letting You Live Until The Date. With Exception to Your Ignorance, Girl.
~ Moses, the Marks
Moses, the Marks (also known as I9Moses or by his internet pseudonym Mosesthemarks) is one of the main antagonists in the slenderblog, theouijaman and a secondary antagonist in the spinoff blog, TheKnowings. Once a human, Moses was infected by The Ouija Man's influence and became a Half Black-Eyed Voice.


Not much is know about Moses' past and his life as a human, at some point in his life he encountered The Ouija Man and was attacked by him, ripping off the right side of his face. He eventually succumbed to the infection, transforming him into a vampiric Voice-Type Proxy serving The Devil Voice. Now, as a member of the Eyenein (also know as The I9), he stalks innocent people with the intention of killing them for fun or to eat them. Moses is also responsible for most of the tragedies in Chloe's life.


  • Moses is considered the most evil and cruel antagonist.
  • Moses' left eye is pure glowing white while the right side is pure black.
  • Moses is the most loyal servant of The Devil Voice.
  • Moses will mark his words, and state his purpose before feeding on his victims and killing them.
  • Judging by his potential as a member of The Eyenein, Moses could already have been a bad person in his past.