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~ McGurk, when he bumps into O'Hare with the O'Hare van.

Morty and McGurk are the tetriary antagonists of the 2012 movie adaptation of The Lorax. They are Aloysius O'Hare's henchmen and bodyguards.

Morty and McGurk aren't differentiated and only named once, by O'Hare himself while he tries to take the seed from Ted's house.

They don't speak that much (though one of them says "Ooh.", when he bumps into O'Hare with the O'Hare van).

In the end, even Morty and McGurk turn against O'Hare, with the round glasses-wearing one of the two ejecting their former boss out of town by way of his rocket helmet. He is also the one O'Hare is seen with most frequently and perhaps is preferred over the other.

McGurk is voiced by Jeff Bennett, while Morty has no voice actor.


Morty and McGurk seem to lack any evil personality at all and are bulky characters. They are very kind, loyal, sincere, respectful, and understanding to O'Hare until the end of the film.


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