If you don't stop shaking, I'm gonna stick you with a pin!
~ Mortola

Mortola, also known as "The Magpie" or "Magpie" to some people including Inkheart author Fenoglio.

She was portrayed by Lesley Sharp.


She is Capricorn's mother and a villainess in both the Inkheart book series and the 2008 adventure-sci fi film adaption Inkheart. In the book series Inkheart, Mortola is mortified when her son, Capricorn, is killed, and later seeks revenge on Mo and Meggie while in the film Inkheart, she dies along with her evil son and his minions at the hands of the Shadow

She is described as an old woman who has a big nose that reminds Meggie of a magpie's beak. She has a vulture-like face. Her eyes set close together and her jaw juts forward. Her legs are swelled and wrapped in bandages. In the movie Inkheart, after Darius read her out, Mortola has writings all over her face as the same with Capricorn's henchmen due to Darius' stuttering and his impaired Silvertongue ability.



  • It was mentioned in Inkspell that she had her son before marriage.