Morticus is a minor antagonist from Champions Online who appears exclusively in Nemesis missions, working for the titular "Nemesis" - however, like many minor villains in the game, he is considered part of the extended Champions universe and is likely a much more powerful individual "behind the scenes".

Morticus is infamous for his Sadistic Choice, in which he traps two heroes (usually Indy Kid and Liberty Guard) and forces the player into freeing one via pressing a switch, in the process activating a disintigration beam that apparently kills the other hero : however Morticus did not set the beam properly and thus the victim survives, narrowly.

In-Universe Description

Ethan Martain was once one of the best agents the CIA had. Unfortunately for him, he was injured during a fight with VIPER; he suffered horrible acid burns on half of his body. However because of the involvement of a rogue CIA agent fighting on the side of VIPER, the CIA did their best to hide all evidence of the incident, including hiding Ethan. He never received appropriate treatment for his injuries and he lost his career. With nothing left other than a burning resentment of the CIA, Ethan turned to cime. He managed to steal a prototype of the CIA's new kinetostatic power armor. The suit disguises his disfigurement and provided him the ability to use electricity in committing his crimes.