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Sorry Link, I can't give credit! Come back when you're a little...MMMM...richer!
~ Morshu

Morshu the Shopkeeper, often shortened to just Morshu, is a minor protagonist from the Zelda CD-i, Link:


The Faces of Evil. He is a Koridean merchant and he sells useful objects to Link in the game. However, due to bad acting and poor quality of the CD-i's, Morshu has been mocked many, many times on YouTube just like King Harkinian. Morshu is still portrayed as a hero once in a while, but his role is widely varied and he is seen as a villain more often than not, usually as an anti-hero.

Morshu is often portrayed by YouTubers as a greedy shopkeeper who does not give credit and demands upfront payment, and usually threatens punishment to those who won't pay up (this can range from public humiliation to death by beheading). Sometimes he will make customers do ludicrous tasks in order to purchase things from his shop.

However, Morshu's most common and popular villainy phase is as a terrorist. Many YouTube Poops with Morshu in them are likely to have him commit some sort of act of terrorism, arson, or murder. Morshu's main choice of weapon is bombs, although he is flexible and will also use anything else explosive (i.e. grenades or bazookas). Oftentimes Morshu's destructive deeds are done for no apparent reason (aside from his enjoyment, since Morshu is usually seen humming and smiling after the deed is done).

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